Interfacing Elk with touchplate systems


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Searched on this and didn't find any posts. I have a 'mixed' lighting control environment. The house was built in the 50's and the original lighting was controlled with a low-voltage touchplate system (they are still around). The touchplate hardware is in good shape despite more than 50 years of use, a tribute to the engineering of the past--the relays just won't die. Its been remodelled extensively, so its also got standard wiring, X10 and Insteon (I put that in) in the remodelled parts of the house. I'm interested in interfacing the touchplate portions with an Elk MG1 which I believe I can do easily enough using Elk I/O with relays switching the low-voltage control lines. I'd be interested in hearing anyone else's experience with this, particularly on maintaining correct status of the lights in the system when they are locally controlled. Additionally, I'd like to be able to dim some of these lights. Touchplate makes dimming hardware now but its very expensive. I'm interested in any thoughts on how to go about this, as well.
I would think the interface would be easy for ON/OFF switching. Dimming would be a problem with relays. Better to use an Insteon compatible dimming plate to control dimming.