Interfacing Wiegand Keypads


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I've learned some great tricks here and thought I'd share something I'm doing.

For a vacation/2nd home, there's often a need to provide access to 3rd parties, local family, etc. Rather than have physical key copies floating out there or card keys floating around, we're using electronic access.

Of course, there's an electric strike to do this. To allow exterior access, we're using an exterior grade Weigand keypad from Essex. This interfaces directly to the ELK KP's prox reader connector.

However, we want to be able to remotely add, remove and update folks from an Elk system. To do this, we need to be able to enter the 26 character "user id" into Elk RP. Since the outputs of the keypad require some bit shifting and padding to match Elk's format, I've setup a simple calculator to take a user's code and produce the required programming code for ELK RP.

You can find this at here.

Now you can access the Elk remotely, we're using an XEP, and add a temporary code and remove it too.