Interlogix Door Sensor (TX-1012-01-1) compatible w/ Elk



I have an Interlogic door sensor (GE part # 60-688-95) that I cannot enroll in the Elk. I have other GE (either CADDX or Interlogic) sensors that have been going great and easy to setup. I have an M1XRF2G and it states this sensor should work. On the side there is what I think is the TX ID however I read on another site that this was not the TX ID, but there are no other possible TX ID on the sensor.

From the Elk M1XRF2G manual to enroll:
I am not sure when or where to press the test button.
Is this truly compatible and how do I get this to work?

It should be compatible.

I'm attaching the install manual. It says to learn the sensor , remove the cover and take the battery out, then put back in.


  • ge_learn_mode_micro_door_window_sensor_installation.pdf
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Thanks for the response. The pdf didn't truly help me but gave me a light bulb moment to READ the Elk wireless manual closer since for the GE system you need to have the GE system learn the sensor. You have to go to the keypad and goto option 14 and learn the sensor through there. This is where you have to press the test button until the Elk learns the sensor. Also, the TX ID is the same that is on the side -- you just need to have Elk learn the sensor and cannot just enter the data manually.