Intermatic Unveils new Z-Wave hardware


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SPRING GROVE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 11, 2004--Intermatic Inc. announced today the availability of a professional-grade intelligent home control product line.

Known as the Intermatic HomeSettings Professional Series, the products use Zensys Z-Wave technology for upscale residential and commercial lighting and environmental control.

"Intelligent home controls are a popular field. According to the technology research company ABI, the home controls industry is growing at a rate of 18 percent annually," says Jeff Bovee, commercial marketing manager with Intermatic Inc. "With intelligent home controls, you can automate your lights, security systems, HVAC (heating and cooling), entertainment centers, major appliances and consumer electronics without lifting a finger."

So what does this mean for electrical contractors, residential developers and their customers? A reliable, flexible home control system that is simple to install, easy to expand and maintenance free. Best of all, the introductory pricing on the 'basic' HomeSettings Professional package will make it very attractive to electrical contractors, residential developers and their customers.

Following is a review of the Intermatic HomeSettings Professional Series controls system. All products come with a 5-year warranty, and most products come with three interchangeable color faceplates, including white, ivory and almond.

-- In-Wall Master Control (Model CA7100) -- Features include multiple scene functions, programming based on time, action or a combination of both, along with a full two-way control system. There is a built-in Astro clock, allowing lights to go on at sunset and off at sunrise, never having to reset the timer.

-- Wall Dimmer Switch (Model CA600) -- Offers local and remote scene control, on/off/dim/bright features and LED feedback. The 3-way option allows consumers to control lights from multiple locations, and the routing slave mini-scenes allows a light switch to also trigger a small scene of up to five additional devices.

-- Wall Switch (Model CA3000) -- Includes local and remote scene control, on/off, LED feedback, 3-way option and routing slave mini-scenes.

-- Wall Controller (Model CA5100) -- Features include remote scene control, LED feedback and routing slave mini-scenes.

-- Duplex Receptacle (Model CA3500) -- Features one controlled grounded receptacle, local control and LED feedback.

-- Multi-Button Wall Controller (Model CA5000) -- Offers remote scene control and LED feedback. Voltage: 120 volts 50/60 Hz.

-- Hand Held Remote with Smartbase (Model CA5500) -- Offers remote scene control, LED feedback and a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery. The Smartbase also features network memory backup.

-- Wireless PIR Sensor (Model CA9000) -- Features remote scene control, LED feedback, wall pack jack and adjustable time delay. Requires three AA Alkaline batteries.

-- Contactor Module (Model CA3700) -- For large loads such as air conditioners, spas and heaters, the contactor module features a local on/off control and LED feedback.

With the broad selection of intelligent home control products in the HomeSettings Professional Series, electrical contractors and developers can provide customers control of just about anything in the home.

Intermatic is the leading producer of lighting control products. For more information or a detailed fact sheet on the HomeSettings Professional line, call 815-675-7043.
That's all the info I have, it's a copy of their press release, maybe their site has some info, I haven't looked it up yet, they definitely got some nice hardware now.
When you see phrases like "for upscale residential...", you get a hint that this will probably be expensive! ;)