IP Camera Web Servers


A forum member over at Cinemar found THIS EBay store selling four channel IP video servers for around $150. Has anyone purchased from this store before? This looks very interesting as the ones I was looking at are about ten times that price (from Axis.com). The only disadvantage I can see is it only does 15 frames per second (hopefully that spec isn't shared per camera).

So, what are the pro's opinion on this unit?

I'd like to see what someone thinks of the unit as well. It could provide other uses besides just security too. For instance, streaming a DVD Changer or Cable Box picture into MainLobby. :lol:
For the money it doesn't look bad, but, when listing specs of products like this, 15 fps means a total of 15 fps for all of the cameras.....
I tried the demo, it's slow and clumsy, but it would probaby do the job if you just want a status of what is going on. The seller has 0 negative ratings, which is pretty impressive for most eBay sellers.
Correct guys, you do get what you pay for. This probably shouldn't be compared (that apples to apples thing) with the Axis video servers, but man, for the cost it seems very capable for a home security system with FTP screen capture capability.

Issues I am concerned about is what electron noticed, mainly the software interface. With Axis they provided an ActiveX so you could create your own pages. I wonder if this vendor will do the same.
Most systems allow an ftp upload or copy of the image so you can use javascript or such to refresh the picture so it looks like video. I'd be shocked if this one didn't.
I bought one last year, but have not gotten around to playing with it much. I hooked up one camera, seemed like a decent picture, motion seemed about as good as my Panasonic IP Cam.

If there are any particular things you would like me to try, I'd be happy to try it out for you and report here. If I get some time in the next several days, I will hook up a few more cameras, open a port and let you guys play for a little while.