IP Cameras and ActiveWebcam


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Ok...I am pretty much sold on the the ActiveWebcam software. I have a couple of IP cameras that I want to monitor.

The reason for this thread is to has out the setup.

My Axis camera is capable of 30fps. No matter what setting I use the display at the bottom show no more than 10-12 fps in the straming window. I have it connected to the router so don't know what is going on.

How does one change the name of the camera like from camera 1 to Living room camera. I could not find an option to do that.

I am using around 12fps for broadcasting and have very choppy video when accessing it over the internet. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Is anyone using FTP upload or straming it to a streaming server. Any advantage there or the speed/quality will still be the same?

Please share your setup so that I could optimize my setup.

Are you only seeing 10-12fps in the ActiveWebcam software? Try accessing the camera via web browser and see what FPS you get there.

I have setup FTP uploading with my cameras which is done within the camera firmware itself. These are 4XEM cameras though. I have it set to FTP an image everytime motion is detected.

I have fooled around with a streaming server but it was with Milestone software. I have not used ActiveWebcam before so I might have to download a demo of that :blink: