ip web surveillance cameras you can see at night


I started looking around for wireless IP cameras, and it's hard to find one that has IR leds and switches to night vision when it gets dark. There are plenty of non-network cameras with that feature. Am I missing something?

It seems like the project I'm trying to do should be fairly common, but none of the products seems to meet my needs.

Your right. They just do not make many outside auto change over IR network cameras. They do have some affordable IR cameras though and you could aways get a multi port camera card.
It's my understanding that if you use those, motion detection can't be used because any interference, like a microwave being used, will cause static and trigger the motion detector on the capture card/software.

I saw a tech online that described how to modify a webcam to be an IR cam. That's a project I might try with a $20 webcam, but not a $200 ip camera.
Back to the original question . . . if you use cameras that have a "night" mode, in which they can sense lighting down to 0.1 lux, you won't need any sort of external lighting if there's any ambient light at all. We have a Panasonic HCM280 (which does have an alarm hookup for something like a motion sensor), with an outdoor enclosure. At night, everything looks as bright as a football game light up by stadium lights at night. It's really amazing.
Also back to the original question. Can you use a wireless hub of some sort with a conventional wired IP camera?? Of course, this wouldn't be the most cost effective solution (to say the least).

I do know that Axis makes (or at least used to make) night vision IR IP cameras with "low light" capabilities.

One other thing to watch out for is the limited night range of such cameras, especially if your situation requires external (or provided by the camera) IR illumination.