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IR suggestions needed - new construction

Here is what I have so far (most parts have been ordered): Each room (8) will have a J-Box style IR recievers (the IR will be fed back to a usb-UIRT and PowerHome). Additionally, the three (3) Tv-Av rooms/areas will have a J-Box IR blaster to command any IR components in that room.

Here is the link for the usb-UIRT's: UIRT
Here is the link to the Xantech site (IR stuff I am using): Xantech

Here is what I am trying to figure out.
The 8 recievers will feed back to a 791-44 single zone connecting block (in the utility closet). This block has small emmitters; one of which can be connected to a usb-UIRT to provide IR recieve capabilities to PowerHome (PH). As it is now, PH does not know which reciever the IR command came from. Ideally, if this information where automatically known, the IR commands could be much more room specific. Presently I have PH set up to toggle the rooms until I acknowledge the room I am sending from. The incoming IR can be used to dim lights (via PH & Insteon), change music/volume via XLobby and PH, and control most of my other systems.

OK, that was for incoming IR to PowerHome. Now, what should be done for outbound IR from PH (from the usb-UIRT) to the 3 IR blasters in the Tv-Av areas? Ideally, I would want to send IR out only 1 blaster at a time (not all three together). I guess I could hook another 2 usb-UIRT's (3 total) so each IR blaster could be controlled by a seperate UIRT (the UIRT's have a 1/8" output jack on the back of them). Doesn't seem too elegant does it?

While I could use the Xantech hardware (795-20) to zone the incoming and outgoing IR, PowerHome would still not know where the IR came from (or was going to) unless I have multiple UIRT's set up. Is this right or am I missing something? I do want to keep PH in control of the IR (this allows me to tie into all my other systems). It seems this strength is also a system weakness. Ideas???
The newer USB-UIRT's have three transmit "zones" (main blaster and two others on the 1/8" jack).

USB-UIRT Zone Info

PH supports these zones.

Regarding inbound IR, what about using different remotes (or codes) for each zones?
I have had problems with USB-UIRT receiving IR commands causing a PH trigger to fire and send other IR commands to other equipment . It sometimes locks up PH. It might be that the USB-UIRT has trouble receiving and blasting at virtually the same instant. I actually have the external output from the USB-UIRT traveling through CAT5 to another location 100 feet away to do IR stuff but it also blasts locally so this may be causing the problem. My USB-UIRT supports multi zones as Tony mentioned but I never tried it. I wonder whether if I somehow just use the external zone(s) this will solve the problem.
When PH triggers an IR send, it always works. When IR is received and it triggers PH to do something else (like turn on insteon lights) it always works. It's just when IR is received and then sent that it sometimes hangs PH. I've tried various waits and delays and this helps somewhat, but mainly I reworked my setup to avoid both receiving and sending IR commands at the same time.
What version of PH are you running? It may just be my set-up, but the newest BETA version of PH didn't trigger on incoming IR signals (I submitted a bug posting). If your running the latest beta AND you IR triggers must be my set-up.

Thanks for the updated info on the UIRT. This should take care of my outgoing issues. Now to tackle the incoming issues....