IR, Insteon, PowerRise blinds : how to coordinate?


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I finally got my media room mostly setup now. it's got some very cool stuff in it but right now it's all separate.
1 - Hunter Douglas PowerRise light-blocking blinds (IR Control)
2 - Insteon light control. One for main sitting area, one for wet bar
3 - Equipment stack of Pio VSX82TXS, Sony CD Changer, HD Tivo (hughes), Sonos, XBox 360. All located at rear of room

The easy options are :
1 - Harmony 890 remote using RF to the rear of room [still doesn't cover Insteon]
2 - IR sensor at front of room and a repeater in the equipment rack [still doesnt' cover insteon]

What I'm wondering though is, is there a good way to do this via CQC *without* having to place a PC in the room. I can place one in a closet about 30' (fished wire distance) away.

What is the least expensive 'recommended' way to have CQC or somethign else respond to IR command? USB-UIRT?

Also, anyone have any tips on more reliable ways to control the PowerRise blinds? The web site mentions a remote switch but doesn't give many details. I'd like to not have to point the remote at each blind individually in order to get it to respond.
I use HomeSeer and the Ocelot plugin to control all the mini blinds in my home. To transfer the IR I use hidden (as best I can) Powermids. Then one command the lights dim (Z-Wave), the blinds close (IR) and all the equipment is turned on to the correct settings.
I'm using a USB-UIRT with a Harmony 880 (IR) and PowerHome to interface with my Insteon setup. It was pretty easy, so I'm sure you can do it with CQC. BTW, my server is in the basement while the TV room (lighting I'm controlling) is upstairs. I used a Cat 5 USB extender for the UIRT and it's working fine.