IR port on Mitsubishi TV


I have a an older Mitsubishi vs-70803 HD TV that I have an issue with which needs help.

I am trying to use a GC-100 unit with a stick on IR emiter to control the TV but have had problems. At this point I am not sure if I am doing something wrong with the GC-IRL, since I get a different code every time I try to learn the Power button, or if it has something to do with the location of the IR emitter.

The way I understand it, the TV has no visible IR port. The port is behind the screen. Since it is in a built-in cabinet, all that is visible is the screen. If I take the remote and push it against the screen, it works no matter where on the screen I place it. However, the IR emitter is not working no matter where I put it.

Has any one used a small stick on IR emitter on this or any other Mitsubishi Tv and got it to work? Can you help me figure out where to attach the emitter?

I'll start by saying I am nowhere near an IR expert and infact have not done any IR automation at all, but I do have a Mits screen like that. I believe the IR goes thru the front screen and reflects off the mirror down onto the IR receiver in the tv. My guess is the emitter is not a strong enough signal to make that journey. Maybe a 'blaster' type emitter would work, or perhaps you can find where the receiver is in the tv and locate the emitter close by?

Just some guesses...
Thanks Steve,

That is what I am affraid of. I was/am trying to stay away from the blaster option since it will be a bigger unit and hard to place. I am hoping someone else can show me a better way.

Thanks again
I had the exact same problem with my JVC RP, and ended up going the blaster route. I just didn't want to stick anything on the screen, but when I held the emitter against the glass, it didn't work anyways. Blasters are easy to build, assuming you have a way of hiding the unit. I ended up mounting mine on top of a rear channel speaker, no one has ever noticed, and it works great. Unless you are willing to open up your TV, I don't think there is anything else you can do.

Btw, my blaster 'brains' are downstairs in my basement, I only have an IR led connected to 22/2 upstairs, so it isn't big at all.
I read on another board that with some tv do use the reflection off the mirror to send the signal to the IR receiver inside and one way around it was to use a "blaster" another way was to open the TV and place the emitter inside but then you need to drill a hole in the case ect... and void waranties and chance breaking something!
Don't know about that exact model, but if you want to place the emitter or even a blaster in the tv, most of them have an easily removable service panel in the back. You can either just slip the wire under it or thread it thru a ventilation hole, so no need to drill anything, plus its all in the rear of the tv, so not even visible. Or, on many of the Mits RP's the front speaker grille is removable so you can do the same thing. All of the circuit boards are exposed either from the front or the rear.
Thanks guys for all the feedback. Looks like I will be openning the TV this weekend. I don't have to worry about the warranty since it is over 5 years old. I just have to worry about doing something stupid and having to ask my wife to buy a new one. mmmm...... maybe no so bad. Just kidding.

Thanks for all the help. I will let you know how it went in case someone else needs to do it.

OK, It was easy enough getting the speaker grill off and then un-screwing 4 screws to get access behind the screen. That's where the headache started. I could not find the darn IR sensor. There was a small (1.5"x1.5") board with a small attachement sticking out next to the three lamps but I could not see a standard IR receiver (eye) on it.

The board must have been the unit since, when I covered it with my hand, the remote would stop working. But, I could not get my stick on emitters to work no matter where I placed them.

Looks like I will be going the Blaster way. I am told that I need a Xantech 789-44, a GC-CGX cable and a blaster to connect to my GC-100. Not too happy about having to spend another $100.

Hope I help someone else avoid this route. To save my hassles, you may want to just look into a remote like Pronto, Logitech, MX-3000 or something like these instead of a HA system. That is if you have a tv like mine where the ir sensor is not easily accessible.

Goodl luck and thanks again

Why can't you just use a blaster emitter instead of your mouse emitter? For $10 you should be able to just put the blaster emitter anywhere in the cabinet and it should work. The mouse emitters usually need to be stuck right on the IR receiver.
Syous I had the same problem with my 4 year old Mitsubishi rear projection TV.

If I remember correctly the small pc board you saw has the receiver. What I did was, while holding the emitter I had someone send a signal that way I found the best location to tape the emmiter to. It has been working great now for the past couple years.

Thanks Steve and djsl.

I was initially told by the tech support from GC that I needed a xantech unit for higher power blasters. Then I saw one of the 10$ blasters but read in the description that it needs to be connected to IR blocks that do not use current limiting resistors. So I was not sure. I am going to buy one of those and the xantech unit. If I do not need the xantech I can then return it, I hope.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks again
Quick Update.

OK, I am trying to keep sane. I had no luck with opening the screen and placing the emitters inside the unit. I even got the Xantech block and the IR blaster and put that inside without success.

Now, I know admitting this will make me look stupid but better that someone else does not go through this. I noticed under the log screen of the GC-100 plugin in MainLobby that there was an error returned from the GC unit on the IR code for the Mitsubishi. It may be that the GC-Irl just never learned the code correctly to begin with.

I had downloaded the lattest version but it is still not getting the code from the Mitsubishi remote. I am going to send my remote to the GC support group to see if they can do something. I hope to have better news latter.

Steve said:
Why can't you just use a blaster emitter instead of your mouse emitter? For $10 you should be able to just put the blaster emitter anywhere in the cabinet and it should work. The mouse emitters usually need to be stuck right on the IR receiver.
Someone posted a link to a DIY blaster but I can't seem to find the link. As I recall it was very inexpensive.

UPDATE: Found it:

The cocoontech entry is at:

But it looks like it is not a splitter as I thought it was.

As it turns out, there was actually a bug in the GC-IRL software that did not read my remote correctly. GC support has been super and helped me get the right codes for the remote. I am guessing they will have an updtated software soon.

Also, I did end up having to use the Xantech block and the blaster. I had to drill a hole in the TV for the signal. I tried it without the extra power and it did not work so my purchase was not a waste.

Thanks Johnynine for the input. I had seen the posts before but did not want to hassle with building anything else. No time or patience at that point.

Thanks everyone else. Hope this helps someone in the future.