IR problems.


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Hello all,

I have my Video/Audio system being controlled via a USBUIRT and distributed to 2 different locations. 1 location is control an audio amp and works 100%. The second location is controlling a Home Theater amp, DVD, Cable box, an HDTV, and a Sirius Sportster Replay receiver. Everything in this setup works 100% except for the Siuius radio. I would say that it works 50% of the time. I have noticed that at times that it didn't work with the USBUIRT, it didn't work with its own remote control.

I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem, if so how do I correct it?

This setup works very well except for the Sirius. How do I go about finding what the problem is. Is it an inherent flaw with the sirius radio? Is there something interfering with this particular remotes frequency? I'd had to spent money on a different IR distribution system to find that the radio is flawed.
I forgot to mention that it is being distributed using Pyramids.

I first had a JVC radio and had the same problem as the Sportster>
So does the original remote work with the radio or not? If it does then it's more than likely a frequency that the powermids are having trouble with.
I kinda figured it waqs a frequency problem. Just wondering if something could be done to fix this. I don't really want to buy another radio.
When you are having the problem with it... and you try the original remote do you ever try going into that room/closet where ever it is and try that remote there? dose it work?
Yes, I have tried that and the original remote does not work unless I'm like 3 inches from the unit, then it will start working at other distances. Very strange problem.