IR Receiver: Multi zone.


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Howdy folks,

Ive done the PCIR thing and it works just fine with my Homeseer setup. Now I have a Harman Kardon AVR 430 reciever with the multi room outputs. On the back it has a mono jack for the multi room IR Receiver (as well as a mono jack for the receiver IR itself if I choose to remote mount the stereo), and also a serial port and A-Bus connection. The receiver is $60, I know I can build one myself.... but I need your help.

Can I just build a simple unit with 2 inputs (one for the multi room control and the other for the main room control) using a photodiode and opamp?

Any ideas? I'd hate to spend the big bucks on the two zone Xantech unit....
Hi mycrobyte,

Welcome to CocoonTech! I personally can't help you with this answer, but hopefully some of the local IR experts can chime in here. Which Xantech model were you looking at?
I'm not sure I understand your configuration and what you are trying to do. Could you explain some more?
The receiver has mono jack inputs on the back for main room and the mulit room output. I would like to have an IR receiver in two rooms which go to the multiroom input and the IR from the Intellipad go to the main room input.

So, I have three input controls which go to two input controls.

I could get the Xantech connecting block and two additional sensors which would be over $100 or I could build my own connecting block and sensors for much much less - so maybe I could end up with more inputs than I planned for if its cheap enough.

So, how do I build a connecting block and sensors which will output the proper RC5 (i think) signal to a mono jack? And how do I make the connecting block multi zone?

Here is the receiver back panel: