IR Repeaters and LCD TV problem



I am setting up an IR repeater to send commands from the bedroom to my DISH box in the closet. I am using the Buffalo IR-350 pickup and the IR-100 Emitter block.
The pickup is on the wall just below a 32" SAMSUNG LCD display.

The problem is, with the SAMSUNG off, the IR-100 show signal activity just fine when I use my remote, but when I turn the SAMSUNG on, the signal light on the IR-100 comes on and stays on. It is as if the LCD display is blasting the room with continuous IR.
Has anyone else seen this and do you know the cause? Is this a problem or should I just ignore it?


Just a guess but maybe the TV is spewing out RF similar to a CFL or Plasma. There are special Plasma or CFL immune receivers, perhaps you should try one of those?
I also have a similar problem with the Buffalo IR receiver picking up noise. It did not seem to matter whether the TV (a regular CRT set) was on or off. I wrapped the receiver in tin foil (don't laugh!) and it helped somewhat. The LED stopped blinking madly but the operation was still unreliable. I had two receivers combining into one connecting block. The only real fix was to remove one of the receivers; then it became reliable. I didn't really need one of the receivers after I upgraded the large TV to a HD LCD set so I haven't put the extra receiver back in. I suspect that Cat 5 wiring (which is what I am using) is not adequate for this application; you should use shielded cable.
I hope it is not the cat5! they recommend cat5 in the instructions that come with the Buffalo products!

I have a new problem. I only ran one cat5 and a 5 cond mini-coax cable from the closet to the TV. I thought that would be enough (component + LR) to make it all work. Now, I want to send the TV both the DISH output and a modulated signal from the other DISH box with the DVR in it so I can watch DVR shows in the bedroom. I know I am an idiot for not running more wires, but my question is can I move my DISH box next to the TV and use the MINI-COAX to send the SAT singals through to the BOX. I have RG6QS from the roof dish to the closet. Will adding 20ft of mini-coax to that run screw up the sat signals?

Any thoughts.


The moral is, you can never run too much wire!
You should not have a problem with a little extra QS. Are both devices in the closet? Couldn't you use a video switcher device to choose which source to send over the 1 coax?