Is hardwired security worth cutting drywall?


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I'm just getting into home automation, and thought I would start with a security system. We moved into our new house late last year. It was a newly built house, but completed when we bought it. It was not pre-wired for security. The other challange is that the basement is finished.

In a couple of months, we do get our 1-year followup. They will be in here with the drywallers and painters, and have said that they would patch any holes that I made. So, is it worth cutting walls (and basement ceiling) to try and get wired sensors up? or should I just settle for wireless?

I've never really attempted drywall patching, so I don't know exactly what I'm getting myself into...

Any advice from someone who has done this before? Thanks!

Yes hardwired can not be beat.

1 hardwire sensor is less then $5 most decent wireless sensors are around $40. Hardwire is much more reliable and cheaper. Plus you don't have to worry about batteries. Only the battery in the main panel.

Here is a how to install security system you can also snake the wires to help not cutting so much drywall up.

Also look at Elk's security systems.

The EZ8 is great but if you plan on automating with it get the gold.
Yes definitely go hardwired security if its at all possible! An alarm system is the one thing that you don't want to have to worry about batteries, interference, etc. And while you're at it, install some extra Cat 5 wiring for other uses which you'll certainly come up with later. Even if you have no definite plans in terms of a wired netowrk or other applications, just getting some Cat 5 cables from a place where you'd be likely to use anything like a touchscreen, motion sensor, etc to where you plan on installing your equipment closet will certainly pay off later.
It may be worth it to consult with a pro. They usually have ways to run wire without messing up wall too bad. Unless you want to invest in a bunch of specialized tools. Hardwire IS best, but the Caddx/ITI sensors are pretty good and supervised (sup signal every 64 seconds).