Is it possible to run my iVista video software?


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My video/weather server was hit by lightning and I'm rebuilding my new server that has XP pro. My old iVista 3.1 installed OK but it will not accept my license. I believe the companys out of business so does anyone know how to run this software?

Ski, On a side note I bought one of the Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus™ with 24-Hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield and man do I love it. Setup was a breeze as compared to my older one-wire setup.
I think you're up a creek without their "registration" server/code, etc. It's too bad they aren't active and supporting the software. I have some 9 or more licenses of iVista I used to use all the time, too. Have you tried emailing them at the posted contact email?

I've found that VisionGS may be a possible replacement. It has many of the same features - streaming, capture, ftp upload, etc. However, on my system the current personal (free) version crashes after some period of time (overnight), but it may be that my system has interference from remnants of other programs.
Thanks for the reply. I did email their support and have not received a reply. I pulled out my really old version of WebCam32 and loaded it and it works but now I have to redo my web pages. I used iVista for several years and they still sell the software on various sites but if that license server is dead I wonder if all these copies are sucker sells?
They may be. The web site now says they've discontinued selling it but will continue to offer limited support via email. Maybe someone will hack the registration stuff now.
Thanks Ski, isn't' it still the 90's? :)

I was able to reload my so 80's WebCam32 and man do it use very little CPU resources. Streaming only uses about 1-3% CPU.
I still use my Webcam32 on a dialup machine. It obviously can't stream, but it can't be beat for still shot uploads.
The reason I used iVista was the capabilites and the low download impact of the java-based client on most any browser. Streaming was good, it also did captures, still-frames, FTP uploads, motion detection triggering, etc. all at the same time, and runs on low-end machines (>300MHz for single video feeds). Nothing else came close at the time.

In fact, I've yet to find anything that works as well for the price, though webcam32 is close. Even webcam32 has issues and crashes if I leave it running for days on end, though.

iVista apparently changed their target market focus and tried to get into the security/business markets where spending is much higher.