Is it possible to test a glass break sensor?


I am trying to figure out how to test my glass break sensors to ensure that they were installed correctly and are functional. Is this possible (without breaking a window :) )?

They do make a device that simulates the sound of glass breaking. I think Honeywell/Ademco may have one. It may not work with all types of glassbreak detectors.
Some sensors (but not all) will react to the jingling of keys. Each set of keys has it's own sound due to the material and size of keys, so you should try a couple of sets.
Got mine on ebay. Less than $25 shipped.

I think that is the one I mentioned above. I have bought a few things from that eBayer and never really had a problem. You can email hm through ebay and see if he has anymore (he has more items than what he puts on ebay).

For less than $25 that was a very good buy.