Is Space dead?


Hi All,
My experience with Space has been that it hasn't been supported for some time, and looking through these threads it seems people hated it anyway and more lamented the loss of Haiku Helper. I got along with Space just fine: I simply wanted an app on my iOS devices that enabled control of my HAI system and Space was a far better solution than the circa-1990 Snaplink that itself was not supported either!
Except now I find that Space is crumbling a bit. Some things NEVER worked (like camera feeds) but as far as buttons for lights and macros and HiFi2 control (which were my dominant uses), it worked just fine until recently and now it won't refresh configuration to mirror changes in PCAccess. For example, any new units added won't update, nor will changes to Rooms configurations. Basically whatever was there works but it will no longer update with any changes made in PCA.
Did I miss something?
I don't have a Mac and have no interest in scripting or interfaces, etc... I just wanted an iOS app to control things. Is Space dead?


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I still have Space but moved on to using Myro:Home. Fully supported and works frankly better than Space or Haiku. Support has been timely. Requires an ongoing subscription, but worth it for our setup. SJ


Awesome - thanks SJHart.  I realize I didn't look closely enough and though Myro was ONLY for Mac and used for custom coding and integration. Now I see it is indeed an iOS app for iPhone and iPad, thank you.
I'm not crazy about subscription pricing models and usually boycott them, but if it helps the developer keep the lights on, I'm definitely able to be swayed.
Thanks again (and Happy New year all!)


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Snaplink still seems to be working for me.
Also, several people, including me, have moved on to other monitors and controls.  For example, with the OmniLinkBridge running on a Rasperry Pi, you can establish two-way communications link with the Omni and either Samsung SmartThings Hub or the open source Home Assistant. Then you can use either the Home Assistant phone app (Android or iPhone) or the SmartThings "Classic" (Android and iPhone) phone app to control and monitor things.  No monthly charge for SmartThings, but you need to buy a hub for maybe $80. Home Assistant is free as well but there is a $5/month charge for cloud access. A Raspberry Pi will run you about $75 with a case. 
So in other-words, instead of searching for good Omni software which doesn't exist, sync it with other platforms that are better supported then use them.