Is ther an ELKRP Demo software?


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Hello to everyone here,
I see that many people here love Elk panels and use them for security and automation purposes.
Here in Greece I can access M1Gold and M1ez8 only from Ness. I started to use C-Bus from Clipsal
for automation to my clients and I'm searching for a security panel to talk to cbus, and found that Elk panels
and the new Paradox panels can make the talk. ?But from what I see Elk panels are more powerful
with rules, so is there a demo software of ELKRP to test it and see hoe rules work?
I downloaded NessRP but it says that it can't find a database so I can't work with it.

Welcome to Cocoontech.

There was an old version of the ELKRP Demo program, but it was taken down.

Send an email to [email protected] and he will get you a working copy of ELKRP which is the same as NessRP with the names changed.
Thanks for the fast answer Spanky
I'll send the email and wait for an answer.

Is there a different from Elk m1 and Ness M1 panels or only the name?
And anybody have integrate CBUS and M1?

The ELK version of the M1 offers the UL listing. Otherwise they are the same product.

Ness has designed a two way CBUS interface module for the M1 that connects to the RS-232 Port 0 serial port. The module has a second RS232 expansion serial port to connect to any other device like a Ethernet module.

Elk should be offering the CBUS interface module to the North and South American market soon.