Is This Computer Worth $226?

wow nice system! This would make a great CarPC, HTPC, HA server, you name it. Wish I had the money.
OK, it's refurbished, but, I think it's still a good deal. I've been looking for one to use by my TV. I ordered one. I'll let you know how it works out.
That's really a great deal for sure, they are easy to hide, so you could use them as kiosks, touchscreen backend (hide it in the kitchen cabinet or something)...

Martin, how are you going to hook it up to your TV?
I ordered one also, I'll use it in the kitchen area with one of my Planar 12'" touch screens for HS2 Caller ID look up and remote Caller ID Announce with the spker application. looks like I'll have to plug in a USB wireless module since there are no empty card slots,

Thanks BSR!!!
Ordered on of these as well. My kids PC is only a 233mhg so this should be a nice upgrade for her.
Wow! Good find, BSR! This will be perfect for my touch screen! I can then take the PC that runs that now and make it my video server! Heh, I did find something cheaper than the Slingbox! ;) Well, a bit cheaper anyway!

Hmm. I s'pose this would be good for the daughter's bed 'puter project, too...
OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh man, I wasn't expecting this response!!! Hope it works out well or my name will be mud <_<

Let me know how these work out. I'm passing as I'm saving for a touch screen myself. ;)


You can usually buy a new Dell 2400 with monitor and printer for $300 w/ free shipping. Can the CDRW on this be replace with a standard DVD-ROM?
The nice thing about this PC is how tiny it is, I know people who use this as a CarPC. Not sure if you can replace the CDRW, but you could always get a USB->IDE chassis and connect the drive that way.
Is the reason it make a good car PC because of the "laptop style" power supply and of course the size?
Yep, and lower power consumption is also pretty important, if I am not mistaken, that adapter probably supplies 19V, so you should be able to use a DC-DC power supply. It is definitely not the best setup (I personally wouldn't use this for a CarPC, but it's a cheap start. I would still rather go with a mini-itx solution), but it works. It does show how little power these machines use, yet they can be so powerful.

It does look like the CDRW drive is just a laptop drive, so if that's the case, you should be able to replace it with a laptop DVD-ROM drive.
Well Electron, I think it will make a great CarPC! I was using my old Dell Inspiron 800Mhz, and it was working pretty well. 1.8 with XP pro should more than do the job. Also no graphics card update is required, as I will just be running it in 800x600 on a 7" screen. I still have to get another screen, as the last one was lost when my car was stolen..... Hmm also same goes for the GPS receiver..

This thing looks tiny enough to mount either under the dash on the passanger side, possibly in the Glove Box, or under the passanger seat.

Will let you all know how it goes, and will let BSR know if it dosen't go Mooohahahahahahah!

BTW Shipping to Florida ground was $16.00