Is this tuner card junk?

I have no experience on tv tuner cards or even what to look for, but there sure are some cheap ones out there! should i steer away from them?
what do you think about this one?

i have been lookin for a quad card with tv tuner, harder to find and more expensive, so i may just add a tuner card. what do i need to look for?

thanks ahead of time, and love this forum!

I think you need to look at the software you might be using and see what's supported. I've fopund that typically it needs to be one of the "name" brands. Hauppauge, Aver, ATI, etc. to be supported by the bulk of the PVR apps and such. Plus I don't think that card had hardware encoding, so your CPU ends up churning away.
sam, good points. it will sit at ebay. now i recall hearing about the brand names for proper function. thanks for bringing it up!
Thats a software encoder complete POS.

Never had troubles with a Hauppauge, I use PVR500s quite often. Have yet to get my hands on the new HVR1800 (ATSC/QAM + NTSC/PAL) dual tuner to fill up those until now unused PCIex1 slots I have.