[ISC] 2006 Security West Expo


I attended the ISC 2006 Security Expo held at the Sand's Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on April 5. During that time I visited many booths and spoke with a variety of technical and sales people. This information was quickly taken down and will be (hopefully) correctly presented in these review postings. Please be aware that there may be inaccuracies in some details including pricing information. So please, take all this information as a "quick first look" only! ;)

DynaQuip Controls, the makers of Water Cop

I visited the DynaQuip Controls booth and spoke with Rodney Bryan, Jr. They are mainly known in the automation world as the makers of "Water Cop".

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Water Cop

The Water Cop has been around for a while, but for our newer members who might not be familiar with this product it has multiple wireless sensors that can be placed around strategic possible "water leaking" zones such as the laundry room, hot water tank, sinks, bathrooms, etc... Then when one of these sensors detects the presence of water, they send a signal to the main unit which will turn off a valve that is usually attached to the home's main water supply line.

They make units that can attach to 1/2", 3/4", and 1" diameter plumbing.

I also invited their staff members to become CocoonTech members as they have visited this site and would like to contribute with their technical expertise and support.