[ISC] 2006 West Security Expo


I attended the ISC 2006 Security Expo held at the Sand's Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on April 5. During that time I visited many booths and spoke with a variety of technical and sales people. This information was quickly taken down and will be (hopefully) correctly presented in these review postings. Please be aware that there may be inaccuracies in some details including pricing information. So please, take all this information as a "quick first look" only! ;)

Winland Electronics, Inc

I visited the Winland Electronic's, Inc booth.

They are mainly known for their simple mechanical temperature monitors which will basically close a set of contacts if the mechanical temp "dial" comes in contact with a "high" or "low" mechanical set point (below are links to this product line).



I use this product for my wiring closet (outputs attach to my Ocelot/SECU16I).

They have other products that I did not know about. One is a system that will monitor four set of sensors. These sensors can be a combination of temperature, humidity, and water measurements. You can then dial in set points for each of these sensors and, when that set point is reached, a set of contacts will close that can then be monitored with your automation/security system.

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Winland Four Zone Sensor Unit

A complete system base unit (four zone capable) runs around $250, and each sensor runs around $60.

They also make a vehicle alert sensor. This unit comes with a probe that is a foot long and gets buried beside your driveway. It then monitors a magnetic field (as large as 2000') and will close a set of contacts when that field is disturbed with a large magnetic object (such as a vehicle). It has an adjustable sensitivity so you can detect anything from a motorcycle to an Excursion.

It comes with 100 ft of cable (probe to main unit), power supply and sensor. Price is around $225.

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Winland Vehicle Monitor

Winland also offers a "stand alone" water sensor called the Water Bug. This unit will detect the presence of water from an attached sensor and close a set of contacts.

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Winland Water Bug Sensor

Here is a humidity sensor that has no electrical parts. It has a nylon mechanical band which will close a set of contacts after your humidity exceeds a certain set point.

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Winland Humidity Sensor

Future products will include units that are capable of Ethernet/network interface.