Issues connecting to snaplink

Hi all,

I recently moved into a home with a fully equipped omnipro ii system and am having trouble figuring out how to get things working. The controller and email board is connected to a switch which is connected to a cat5, which is connected to my google WiFi nest router. Both seem to be online. The email board is working gracefully with dhcp and my router is recognizing it and assigning it an ip. The controller on the other hand is using a static IP address which I chose and configured myself directly on the keypad. I chose an unused IP address within the dhcp address pool of my router. It took about a day, and me having to unplug the email board to test something, for my router to magically start displaying the controller(with the ip I gave it) as a device on my network. So I immediately setup the port forwarding rule for 4369 only to see the device disappear from the routers device list after reconnecting my email board. Maybe related, maybe not. Nonetheless, thinking I had it all setup and ready, I launched snaplink and added a new account, typing in my home name, the IP address I assigned it in the keypad, the two encryption keys from the keypad, and the port of course. When I tried to retrieve setup it spins in an infinite loop. If I try to connect, it doesnt try, just says unable to connect. Any sort of advice here would be stupendous!