Haiku Issues still remaining with Space 1.05


Got the 1.05 update and wanted to list out all of the issues remaining for me:
- Critical: The initial camera view works fine when showing all cameras at once but once I click on a camera, it gives me a stream error from my camera. I suspect what's happening is that you are not closing the initial stream before trying to open the new single view. I have to use the MJPEG substream for my cameras and that stream only supports a single stream (whereas my h.264 stream supports 4). You probably wouldn't notice this issue if the stream supported multiple streams. That's just my guess, but it seems likely since the cameras all work perfectly in the initial screen.
- Major: My outdoor temperature sensor is configured without a high or low alarm (both 0 in OPII). In Haiku this works fine but in Space it always thinks they are out of range since both show -40 degrees F.
- Major: The option to arm and disarm is nice from the initial screen, but need more status there. I usually bring up Haiku to quickly check if any zones are insecure. It would be nice if at least the icon on the home screen indicated the overall status (all secure or maybe red if something insecure). You get the popup when something becomes insecure, but not if it's already insecure when the app is opened. Haiku is an app I open 10 times a day and almost NEVER leave the initial screen.
- Minor: The updates to the UI are better but one thing still always confuses me. Why is the ICON itself not clickable when you bring up a dialog box. I always end up clicking the icon to do something and then realize it literally does NOTHING. For example, when you click the little house in the bottom corner (thanks for that, BTW), why doesn't clicking the House icon in the popup bring up the arm menu? Ditto for lighting controls, clicking the icon while the lighting control box is open should just toggle the light on and off completely. From a UI design standpoint, it doesn't make sense to have the most prominent visual control do nothing at all. Things that draw your eye should be functional.
- Minor: Still need to put all the icons on the home page, no reason whatsoever to no do this that I can see. Again, please don't design the app just for landscape iPad users.
- Minor: More icons, little door icons, window icons, water droplets.
- Minor: If you are going with the "one big icon list" view on Security page, how about letting me rearrange the icons? At least then I can put the ones I check the most at the top or something. I often check Garage Door status at night, but it's down at the very bottom for me (true in Haiku as well but at least it's a concise view, the icons in Space are way too spread out).
I've been trying to use Space more lately and there are definitely some things I like. For one, it loads faster and seem pretty snappy. I love the animations for turning on a light and the views for when the furnaces are running, etc.