ISY994i - need fresh install


I think I need a fresh install. For all these years I left the ISY unattended as all was working. Then sometimes I spend a day or two to get everything back up to speed. But the last years I did not work on it as I manged everything out of Home Assistant. Dont get me wrong - it still runs but it becomes extremely difficult to manage.
Today I wanted to upgrade (I run 4.8.0 from June 2020) and it did not allow me to do so, Then I noticed I cant save and change programs anymore w/o getting a socket Timeout Error. So there is something not right.
In addition, I set up the ISY back in 2014 and had no real understanding what I was doing. So naming conventions and structure is not well done in there. Over the years I fixed this with HA but this did not address this at the root. With the bad setup I even included the ELK in ISY which then transferred through into HA that required me to hide a lot of stuff in HA.
In summary, its a mess and I rather start fresh. I have some time off over Thanksgiving and try to plan that time to perform this major overhaul.

1) I plan to do a factory reset and complete fresh install of ISY. Whats the best way?
2) Then I want to bring on every sensor/switch/etc with a new naming convention.
3) I will not include the ELK in ISY.
4) I will reestablish the main automation in ISY (this never failed me and I only have four or five that I would leave on this level).
5) Then I will clean up HA and re-establish everything in there.

Any thoughts or recommendations for me?
I'm a big fan of rebuilding once in a while, a great opportunity to implement lessons learned, optimize workflows and remove the crud.

Not too familiar with the ISY, but I'd recommend you export/backup as much as you can, take screenshots of rules/configurations, it may come in handy when trying to build the new rules. And obviously need to figure out the firmware updating issues before you do any configuration again.

Good luck!
The ISY WiKi has gone through massive updates over the last few years. You may want to consult that. You may also want to upgrade your ISY firmware or even consider upgrading to the newer polisy or eISY coming out with a Z-Matter card installed that will support Zwave and Zigbee devices, along with the Thread protocol being tooted by so many.

More details would be found on the UDI forums.