It's Official! Homseer 2.0!

Sounds like it makes sense to do that. It doesn't look like any real features changes in the first release but it looks like an archtecture that will all for easier 3rd party development and better reliability. Jim, and I reading that one right?
I just hope this means that HS will be much more stable, considering we have to pay for the upgrade (eventho it isn't much), otherwise it looks good.
Guys this is huge news. This should be moved to the articles section! The number one thing that i think is great is that its writen in the .net framework. They also included multithreading. Talk about good performance. Now this is a software application that is worht paying for. Although i have already paid once but i will pay again just to have all those features. Now i will be able to write my own plugins this is great.

easier 3rd party development and better reliability. Jim, and I reading that one right?

I believe so. Also looks like you will be able to run different parts on differnt machine, ie run HS on one machine, and the zwave interface on another. Don't know how the licensing would work. Caviat, I'm NOT an expert in .net. More like 180 degrees in the other direction. :)

One word: WAIT

Let the other people work out the bugs!

Chicken! Besides, Homeseer is not Micro$oft.
I think I'll wait as well. There is nothing that 1.7 doesn't do that I want it to do. When they release HSP .net it had better be done much better or I won't update at all. HS does everything I need it to, and runs very stable. I'm only dissapointed in the interface for HSP.
I was hoping that this was their direction! At our EHX get together in March, Rick and I talked about .NET architecture quite a bit...

I think this is a excellent step for the product and would be willing to pay the full price of the software again for a properly engineered .NET solution.

With .NET's remoting, web services,, and it will be very simple to create stellar systems. I would love to look at their full architecture.