J5 terminal on the M1G


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Does the J5 terminal on the M1G work with anything other than the psc05? It would be really great if it also worked for the Insteon 2414S. I could not find any other references to it on this board.
J5 is only for X10 one way or two way interfaces (such as the TW523 or PSC05).

For lighting controll of more sophisticated methods, you'll need an M1XSP lighting/thermostat/serial expander. These devices have their own firmware and memory space to allow for the larger amount of code necessary for those lighting standards.


Currently you can do:

Lutron RadioRA
Insteon (needs a different firmware for just Insteon due to size of code)

You can also do Z-Wave with a separate interface the M1XZA.


But the J5 is for X10 only (or other methods through an X10 bridge, but I'd recommend using the native controls above).
As technology moves forward in future generations, the dedicated X10 hardware port will probably go to the wayside.
I have been thinking about ways to link an M1 to my Stargate. One method is to send ASCII back and forth between serial ports on the two systems but another might use the TW523 ports. I'm thinking of using a power strip with a good X10 filter on it so no X10 signals leak out to the power line. I would then plug the TW523 from the M1 and the TW523 from my Stargate right next to each other on the powr strip. This would effectively make an isolated communications channel where X10 addresses could be used as flags to trigger things between the two systems.