JDS Pocket WebX


Hi all,

I just installed the trial version of the JDS Pocket WebX on my PC and on my pocket PC. I am currently running a Stargate SG-IP.

The installation was pretty painless and went very quickly.

The limited version works as advertised.

The bottom line here: is it worth it to spend the $100 on the full blown version?

Therefore, has anyone had any long term experience with the full blown version?

I don't have a pocket PC so I have not tried it but I do intend to try out HomeRunner. I suggest you take the 30 days to decide if it is worthwhile rather than trying to make a purchase decision so soon after downloading the trial. Maybe a little time will uncover a really good or bad feature that will be the determining factor.

I would also ask this question on the JDS users group where you have a better chance of finding folks who are using Pocket WebX.
Hi upstatemike,

Thanks for the input.

I was also thinking that it might be a good idea to post on the JDS users group.

The trial version is very, very limited. Only one x10 house/unit, one variable, one flag, etc.

So far, it has been fun being able to walk around and turn-on the bedroom light no matter where I am in the house!

How was that for a fast response? And it looks like Glenn has had a lot of experience with Pocket Webx. I would still take the full 30 days to try it out though, and keep checking JDSUsers... you may get some more feedback.