Joe W

Joe W


I'm a longtime Homeseer user. Started out with X10 about 10 years ago. Bought a lamp module, mini-controller at RS. I got restless and needed another fix. Smuggled a Compaq Deskpro 286 from the office, hooked it up to a brand new CP290 and the rest, as they say, is histroy.

Well, I'm married, have 4 kids and live in a suburb of NJ. I work for a large financial service company in NY.

So far, there is less pressure on being smart on this board. On HS, sometimes you feel a little behind
Hi Joe,

Yes, some of those guys really do some neat stuff with HS. Don't tell Dan the scripting king but I don't even do any scripting! It all looks really cool but the events really are all I need at this point.

Welcome to the board!
Hi Joe:

Our goal here is to cater to beginners as well as experts!

I feel that most HA enthusiasts are not programming nor networking experts, but know how to tinker with hardware and are comfortable installing the necessary gadgets to support HA in their homes. But then what? How do they integrate their other computers, how do they get some basic scripts to work, how do they get a camera to work with their system, how do they get HA announcements over their audio systems, how do they get all their motion sensors to work all over their home, etc... (We established a "How-to" forum to help with these tasks).

This is the goal of Cocoontech, to help users with a step-by-step process to accomplish these and other items of their interests. We also encourage our members to ask "any" question without the fear of ridicule.

We also want to be a source for experts, especially when it comes to scripting and are looking forward to more posts of this type in the future.