Jumper & Dip Switch Settings on CR234 Coupler/Repe


It looks like I will go the coupler/repeater route for finincal reasons. It seems to be that the ACT CR234 is a good C/R to buy. Can anyone help on what jumper and dip switch settings I should use?

Can u put this innewguy terms.... What is the cr234? I am assuming its the coupler repeater but why do you need this? What were you other options? Do you have a link to more information about this device?

Sorry i dont understand your question but i would like to be able to follow along with all the topic on this board so that i can learn more. Please explain this topic for me. Thanx in advance

I'll take a stab at it.

Jumper 1 - This is the setting for whether or not you want the coupler/repeater to repeat signals that it has detected have already been repeated by another device. The CR234 has circuitry in it to detect that. How you set that will depend on your envirnment. I would say to say to put the jumper on. If you get an issue with too many repeated signs causing an issue, then turn it off.

There are also 8 dip switch settings you can change.

I would leave these on the default settings (OFF). These are for envoking some of the special features of this coupler. A detailed listing of what all of these mean is in the instruction sheet that comes with it.

Me too a newbe too; buy yes the CR234 is a coupler/repeator. Coupler/Repeators are used to increase HA systems reliablity. I am using all 2-way devices so I am trying to build a nice stable system. Some other options are the Lightolier Firewall and Smarthome's plug-in coupler if you have 220 service in your home. These forums have a lot of infomation in them. This thread The Right Stuff may give you better explaintions.

Here is a link to the c/r I will buy CR234 But use this for info only, it has a PDF manual you can look at. For buying anything try automatedoutlet I can't seem to find lower prices than Martin's.


Thanks, I should be ordering that c/r in a couple of days. Of course I am gonna try to enter the "secert code" and see if I still get free shipping.