Just about time to head north!


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Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am just about ready to head back to my home state of Maine, after living in South Florida for the last 10+ years. Just sold the house and I'm packing as fast as I can. ;-) it will be interesting going back to a freezing climate - from an HA standpoint, of course! (I'm going to freeze my butt off, but hey, it's better than the humidity down here, right?!)

I'll be offline for a while (OMG, no Inet??? I'm in withdrawal just thinking about it) till I get a new home and get in and settled. I'm hoping to be able to find decent DSL or another high speed connection, but it'll all be dependent on the area I end up in. At the very least I'll get some sort of DIAL-UP to be able to get to the board and get email. Yeck...

Yep, that's right, I'm heading up and will search for a house after I get there. Going to stay with relatives till they kick me out! I'll try to make Friday's chat, but no promises as I'll be dead tired from packing the truck all day, I expect.

Wish me luck with it all! Talk to you all soon from the other side!
May you have the best of luck in your new journey my friend! We wish you well! Keep in touch :huh:

EDIT: Oh yea, forgot the most important thing... Bring a warm coat ;) !
Hope the move works out well for you. As someone who moved twice in the last 2 years I feel for you - July/August is a real rough time for packing but I suppose it beats Febuary for moving to Maine ;)

Good luck
Good luck huggy. We look forward to hearing from you on the other side. That is one extreme to another maybe you should try a stop in the middle Atlantic for some slow acclimation. ;)
Gordon, congrats on selling the house!

We'll all be thinking about you and looking forward to your return to the boards after you get settled. Best of luck with your new adventure!

Have fun! ;)
Thanks a lot, everyone!

UPDATE: I finally got the trucks - yes, plural - TRUCKS - packed, and all the loose ends tied up. I had to leave some stuff behind, but most of it was old computer stuff anyway! hehe Long story short, U-Haul didn't have a truck when I needed it, and they got a smaller one almost two days later... can you say overbooked???? They are blaming the college rush.

I've finally calmed down and rested a bit, and my son and I are heading out tonight. My Dad will follow in another truck tomorrow or the next day. I'll check here if the opportunity presents itself, but next time you hear from me I'll probably be in Maine looking for storage for my stuff... hehe

I should have just sprung for a moving company and saved all the sweat and aggrevation... I have too much crap!!!!

Ok, thanks again, talk at'cha soon!

All new HA adventures coming soon! LOL!
Gee, when I saw the title "heading up north", I thought you might have meant Canada! Oh well, maybe your next move.

Best of luck with the new adventure...