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Been into HA for almost 20 years. Did a major install after a fire destroyed my home in Oct 99.

I ended up designing a new home with as much HA as I could think of.

Every switch and outlet is Leviton X10. Wired motion sensors in every room, Hawkeye sensors at all outside entry stairs, PR511 sensors outside monitoring the drive entrance. Right now I have 12 security cameras with 4 available for guest viewing past captures or to take an instant capture.

I used HAL2000 for about 5 years but switched to HomeSeer about 8 months ago. I prefer the convenience of HAL2000 but there is no way to make any changes. Out of the box is what you get. Homeseer has the ability to customize but is not very friendly. Seems that everything is BETA with little or poor documentation. It is really a "techie" product and you need to know scripting to do much of anything special. Now if there were a software product some where in between it would be great.

You can take a little tour of my installation and look around at the controls by visiting www.k9soa.net. Even my car talks to the internet while I am driving around town.

Stop by and say hi.


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Hey Don,

Welcome to CocoonTech, it's an honor to have you here! I have seen your site before, it's great! I agree with your opinion about Homeseer, one of CocoonTech.com's many goals is to bridge the techie homeseer culture with users who don't have any scripting experience (hence the programming request forums and how-to's).

I am definitely interested in having my car tracked too, right now all I track is if it's parked home or on the road, a typical GPS system (or your setup) is next. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
Yes. That is my problem. There are quite a few things that I would like to do but having a BIG problem with the scripting. I have tried to install a couple of plugins and scripts. I have a couple that work and are great such as the Haughpage camera and video capture. That has been the easiest to get going. Support was excellent.

I would like to change the web page to something alot nicer but the scripting is a hassle. I like some of the Ultra stuff and going to give it a try. The only problem is if I have a problem it is long drawn out effort to find the problem and get it fixed if you don't know the scripts. No docs on how to make minor changes or to remove something you try to install but give up.

I would love to find someone that would be interested in creating the scripts and web page for me. Would be happy to pay someone to get it working the way I would like to see it. Haven't found anyone yet though.

The chasing my car uses the GPS and APRS. Unfortunatly the APRS requires a ham radio license and the resulting map display was bought by MS and the interface basically changed so it can't easily be used anymore. There is a new function at the bottom of the three maps called ACME MAPPER which gives you an aerial view of the location. That is neat. It shows the location of the car. Unfortunatly it uses a 5 year old view since the house in the view was destroyed by fire in Oct 99. Still it is nice. It even shows the location with a red circle. Now if there was only a much later picture available.

Dude that site is AWESOME. I'm so gonna have to drive by sometime and I'm also gonna have to find the HGTV thing on it.