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Some will know of me: Justonemore. Live in Levittown, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) Right now I'm using HomeSeer but just dabbling on what it could do. I have several boxes of equipment that I need to get around to installing.

My most recent project was streaming video. Currently have to switchable cams streaming. More cams here, just need to work out the details for switching.

Feel free to take a look at my cams:
My Cams

Still in testing mode, so cams might be off from time to time, and definately will be off when no sunlight ( who the heck wants to look at darkness, just look out your own window!).
Hey Justonemore, welcome to the site! That's a nice setup! What camera's and software are you using, your setup seems to be working pretty well.
I have available as a .zip file the whole .asp package for switching, and speaking while using Media Encoder. Of course the switching applies to any webcam package, as long as you change the webcam object.


The .zip does not include instructions, and is specific to my particular setup, but you will definately get the idea. I'd be glad to answer any questions if anyone is more than casually interested.