Keyboard Eliminator?


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I've got a couple of headless PCs running that are of the type that have to have a keyboard attached to boot and sadly, there is no way in the PCs bios to bypass this "feature". I remember a while back little keyboard eliminators that would plug into the PS2 port and fool the computer into thinking that a keyboard is attached, I also remember seeing plans on the 'net at some point to build one. I would prefer to build one as I remember the circuit being simple, but I can't locate the plans online anymore.

Does anyone have a line or plans for a keyboard eliminator? If not, any sources on super-cheap ones to buy?

Just a thought (not sure if this would work), did you try putting one of the ps/2 to USB adapters that come with USB keyboards and mice? It might now work, but then again, maybe it would. Would save you some trouble if it did.