Keychain Remote Turns Off TV Selling Like Hotcakes


SAN JOSE, Calif. - A lot of people love television but apparently some people have had enough of it, too. A new keychain gadget that lets people turn off most TVs — anywhere from airports to restaurants — is selling at a faster clip than it would take most people to surf the channels on their boob tubes, and for only $15.

I can see it now. Airports and restaurants all calling the repair man to fix their TV that will not stay on. Hummm I wonder if Mitch is a TV repair man?
It's a "cute" idea, but the only real use is essentially malicious. I don't think we have any more of a right to walk into an establishment and turn off the tv than we do to walk in and throw a rock through the screen.

If you don't like the TV being on, then you leave. Always works. And often faster than 17 seconds.
Just another guy tring to impose his values (or lack there of) on everyone else!

Hope he goes bankrupt or gets sued!
There was a site I ran across a while ago where a guy had a friend video tape him going around and shutting off TVs with a universal remote.

It was actually kinda funny because he was doing it in Europe at sports bars and people were getting really pissed. I was a little surprised and dissapointed that a couple of the hooligans over there didn't haul off on 'im.

That would've been sweet.