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Keypad enrollment problem


So we have 3 keypads in our Elk M1 system. Been working great for a number of years. Keypad 2 stopped working and I replaced it. When I plug the new one I couldnt access the programming menu as the new keypad was interfering with the keypad already assigned to 1. I cant figure out what to do now as Im unable to enroll the devices since I cant access the installer menu.


Senior Member
As you figured out, you need to change the address of the keypad to something other than 1.  This can be done directly from the new keypad. It doesn't need to be connected to the data bus - it just needs 12VDC power. 
From the M1KP manual: 
1. Press and hold the " * " key, followed by the F5 key . HOLD BOTH keys pressed for 5-10 seconds or until the LCD displays:
Exit when done. F1 Set Addr.    (This is Keypad setup mode)
NOTE: This mode may also be accessed by removing power from the keypad (unplugging the data bus cable) and then
applying power while holding any key pressed.
2. Press the F1 key to display the current address setting.
3. Set the desired address by entering a number from 1 to X.
4. Press the Exit key when done.

Effective with firmware version 2.1.42 or higher,  it is possible to access the keypad setup mode by just pressing and holding the " * " key for 10 seconds.