Keypad Lights (Armed)

When I use the Homeseer plugin to automaticly arm the system the "Armed" light doesn't light up. Should it? I looked around the ElkRP software and I setup the rule to get the F5 light to blink when my garage door is open but I can't find anything with regard to the Armed light.

If you are referring to the "Armed" light on the keypad, it should turn on when the M1 is armed provided the keypad is in the Area that is being armed.
I am. But it goes out after about 60 seconds. I noticed there is a check box in the ELKRP software that I can select to keep the keypad lights on even after this timeout. But unfortunately, it keeps all the lights on, not just the Armed light. Not really a big deal but I like to be able to see at a glace what the status of the system is, armed or disarmed.

I know there this is one other related thread on keypad light level.... but when I do what you suggested in this thread, I an unable to seem to keep the red "Armed" light on.

What I am doing wrong? I have unchecked the "LEDS off after 60 seconds", and set the backlight level to 0.

When the system is armed, I would like to see the red light (at all times). Even better if the red light level was adjustable.

If I set the backlight to 2 or 3, even though the keypad stays on, the green or red light is plenty visible (if you set it to zero, you get zero light - duh!!).

Sorry... :D
Old thread I know, but I am having the same problem.

Is there a way to make the keypad lights go off but keep the armed or ready lights on?