keypad linc question


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I'm new to the automation scene, so I have a few questions. I want to use a keypadlinc to control 2 ceiling fans and their lights. I am using CFL bulbs. I know that I can't dim the bulbs,(found out the hardway) so can I use the keypad link to simply turn them on with full power and off?

Also, has anyone used the dimming feature with dimmable CFL's or is that a no-no.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Not sure if this is "understood" or not: each KeypadLinc only controls one load. If you want to control multiple loads (additional lights or fans or whatever) they'll need their own controller each. That could be an ApplianceLinc or LampLinc or Inline or wall switch, but each must have their own.

One each has its own load controller the additional buttons can be used to control them.

I have not used dimmable CFLs, though I look forward to a dimmable alternative to the myriad incandescent energy-suckers I have now. :)
So, the large top and bottom buttons control the load and the other buttons link to another device. That is about what I had figured out.

To rephase my question,can the main load on/off switch be configured to be full on or off without the possibility of getting into the dim mode? I recently lost three clf's one day by accidently dimming the bulbs to about 70%.

As for the dimmable cfls, they are available but pretty expensive.

Thanks for the reply.
There is no way to lock out dimming on a KeypadLinc Dimmer--if you accidentally sent a dim command from a linked device, the KeypadLinc would respond to it.

What you can do is cap off the load wire and add an in-linelinc relay to control the light and fan.

Thanks for the information.

If I use a switchlinc relay in a three way configuration and use this for the load control, can I then link the keypadlinc (with the load wire capped) to control the light from another location?