Kill A Watt meter $19 shipped free

I have one and took it to work to compare it to a $600 calibrated Power Analyzer. For the price I wasnt expecting to much but I was shocked (not literally) that it was DEAD ON. It tracked perfectly with the calibrated meter at about 20 times less the cost.

These are WELL worth the price. I think I saved the cost of the unit several times over already by showing my family how much electricity things use and that they need to shut them off when not in use.
I bought mine on ebay a while back for somewhere around 20 bucks. A quick check shows that with shipping the current ebay total will be around $20-$25.
Might take a look at SmartHome and I think they may have 10% off through today. Not quite as cheap but not bad.

Newegg is out of stock right now and the price is now $24.99
I found it in a Hot Deal on the Smarthome site and with the 10% coupon it was around $20. That is until you add $9.99 shipping.
Wish I had seen it earlier as my 20% Smarthome order had shipped before I saw the item mentioned here and also would have not done the $9.99 shipping twice :lol: