Kitchen Media Center Clearance


Not sure if this is a great deal or not, but according to the regular price it would be, but Walmart has an electronic clearance right now and they've got a Kitchen Media Center for $498.50 regular price $725.

Use the Beyond iCEBOX Countertop Computer as your kitchen computer, media center and appliance hub. It includes a TV, DVD player and CD player, and when combined with the Beyond SANI Network Card (sold separately), it can control all Beyond appliances, including the Beyond Microwave Oven, Bread Maker and Coffeemaker (all sold separately).
Beyond iCEBOX Countertop Computer:

* 12.1" LCD monitor TV/DVD/Audio CD/FM Radio, Home Video monitoring, Internet access for email, browsing, etc.
* Touch Screen for easy navigation
* CE.Net OS & Internet Explorer 5.5
* Washable keyboard and remote
* Broadband, Wi-Fi or modem
* Can communicate wirelessly with Beyond Appliances when they are used with a SANI Network Card
* Icebox has a dedicated mode for activating and selecting settings for the Beyond Microwave Oven, Bread Maker and Coffeemaker
* Online only

Other Electronics on clearance:
When I first read this post I got really excited. This was exactly the thing I was looking for............but then...........

I read the specifications....

"It does not have a hard drive and it will not play or read CD-ROMs designed for PCs. The cur-rent version of the product does not support file transfer, file sharing, print sharing, and other LAN/WAN functions. Updates to enable this functionality may be available in the future. "

So basically it has not use as a HA system, as there is no way to load the software on it. (Such as CQC net viewer.)

Sighs........ Guess I have to keep looking