Kodi Buffering issues for 4K movies using Samba Fix


I am using my XigmaNAS box for streaming media here.  I read about an issue relating to Samba and methodologies of connectivity to XigmaNAS.  It appears that this issue is related to any NAS box, Samba and KODI.
Typically have mapped the video directory bringing up the share in Kodi then saving login user and password.
The fix that I read about is mapping the Samba share during boot of Kodi.  Note: running KODI here in CoreElec Linux.
This issue has been posted a few times on Kodi forums, et al.

Kodi Buffering with CIFS/SMB Media: A Fix
Pre-configured examples are in the /storage/.config/system.d
Create a file called storage-server-share.mount (“server” = hostname of your CIFS server, “share” = share name for your videos, and use this exact format of filename or it won’t work) under /storage/.config/system.d and put the following content in it:

Description=CIFS Video Share



I called my file storage-video.mount
Prepare the file for use:

$ chmod 0600 storage-server-share.mount
$ systemctl enable storage-server-share.mount
$ systemctl start storage-server-share.mount
$ mount

That's it. 
Delete the old mapped share and once the share is mounted you will see it, reconfigure your videos share.
Once you have done this you will want to clear the video db and rescan all of the video files.
Note here the 4K video files sometimes would buffer; not all of the time though.  This has fixed those issues.