Kodicom Diginet KCM4400R


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Over the past couple of years an electrician/security guy has installed KMC4400R based systems at my home and my workplace. I am starting to take an interest myself as he takes forever to turn up when I have a problem.

From what I understand, these boards are all fakes when used anything other than a commercial build PC, that usually come with a ver. 4.11 (unofficial release). However, from the other threads on this board, I understand that I should be ok using ver. 4.13 patch 7 as long as I use an intel chipset and ATI/Nvidia graphics card. If this is not so, please advise.

My actual confusion is this - everything I can find regarding KMC4400R suggests that it is 16 channel - however, he has installed it as if it is only 8. At my home, I have 16 cameras but he has attached two of the boards into one PC. At work I have 32, so he has built two PCs each containing two boards.

The 16 cameras in each PC are attached via a parallel port. The port has a ribbon that at the board end is split into 4 groups of 4x2 pins.

Imagine each line as a board, and the pins are connected to the two cards as follows:

..........5,6,7,8 ............. 13,14,15,16

I tried taking the two bottom sets and inserting them into the empty slots in the top card and rebooted the PC. I did not make any software setting changes. I only got 8 images. Cameras 5,6,7,8 and 13,14,15,16 were just blue squares.

I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to shed some light on this for me.