Kodicom Diginet Site No Display


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Hi all,

I facing this problem. I had installed the Diginet Server and it working fine. Problem appear at my notebook. I brough new ACER Aspire 5680 with Windows Home Vista Premium. I already successfully install the Diginet Site and manage to link to Diginet Server.

I can see the details of the respective cameras (E.g. Camera number, date, time, etc) running but there is no video shown at all and sometime i get still image. When I use my desktop PC to access Diginet Site, all videos and details run smoothly.

Anyone faced this problem before?
luv_story said:
your problem my friend is in the VGA Card , i had the same problem and i fixed it when i changed the VGA card.
Hi luv_story, thx for the info. I think that is not possible for me to do so because my notebook comes with build-in VGA card.
I got the same problem also. I just bought acer aspire 5920G with windows Vista. Diginet site give me only black screen with date and time, no pictures. Please someone tell me how to fix it. I would be gladly appreciated. Thank you.
Make sure your color palet is 24 or 32 bit too. When I releaded my server it did the same thing on 16-bit color.... Else sorry out ur video card =(