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Thanks soley to this site and especially JeffX's posts I was able to successfully install a Kodicom DVR 4400 on my PC. The next hurdle is trying to connect to my PC via a client PC.
I have tried two methods and neither have worked. First I tried using the IP address method to view the Site and end up staring at my Linksys Router setup screen. The second method I've tried was using Logmein to view the DVR Site. Here I was able to see the Digital Video Witness screen but the cameras go blank. I can see live video though if I go the Motion Setup tab.
Any suggestions on how to get past my Linksys Router to connect to my Site or how to fix the lost video problem when using Logmein would be much appreciated.
You may be running into a resoution limitation with Logmein.com. Look for the option to increase the video resolution to the remote machine.
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I assume you want to do port forwarding with the linksys? Try googling for "port forwarding tutorial" (can't paste links right now).

As for logmein.com, almost sounds like parts of the app are directx based, which would cause that behavior. I am sure some of the other Kodicom users here can confirm this.
. . . you need to use the ip of the machine that's running the server, not the ip of your router . . . (they shouldn't be the same) you may need to add the port # (if it's other than 80) to the end of the ip, seperated w/ a colon (

you made need to make some changes to allow the router (via it's web interface at it's ip) to pass the packets, either just on the internal network or to the outside too.

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The best method to remotely connect to view Diginet Site is with Diginet Center (for a client PC) or the Diginet PDA (for a client Pocket PC). Diginet Site also includes Apache Web Server and allows access via Internet Explorer (port 80 I think). Am I understanding the problem correctly?
What I did (after reading this on a CCTV forum) is to turn off Microsoft Firewall and forward a range of ports 3001 to 3005 and 8080 to 8090. Then Diginet center (the client program) then worked properly, and it is much better than any other method I tried.

the default site is 100-001, and set up everything to use the same 4 digit password/pin code.

I'm not sure if forwarding all of those ports are necessary, but everything is working great for me. I guess I should turn off each port one by one until it stops working. But try this first.
Does the formatting on those site numbers matter? I used a 7-digit phone number and I can not seem to get any of the remote stuff to work now. It is probably something else though. I will go back to the default numbers I guess.

I hadn't tried using a different site code. I know the software is pretty finicky about making changes because it wasn't too happy when I changed the passcode.
Thanks for all of the great advice. I've tried most of it to no avail. From previous suggestions I've tried to stick with just using the Center software to connect to my Site.
Is anyone else using a linksys WRT54GSv4 that can walk me through the port forwarding process. I tried the How-to forum but the menus did not match the model I have.
In Setup, System Setup, there is a Network Port Setup button. If you are trying to access Diginet from outside your router, you will need to forward all of those ports to the computer running Diginet.
Well it's 1206 AM and after 1 week + of searches and pulling my hair out, I am finally able to connect to my Site PC with a computer on the same network.

I fixed the problem by assigning static IP addresses and setting up port forwarding using all of your tips and Portforward.com.

Next is to try and connect to my Site from an outside computer. Finally I need to obtain a static IP, since verizon DSL uses dynamic.

Any suggestions??

Thanks to all for your help!!!
You probably don't have to get a static IP. I have a dynamic IP as well, but since my router never dies, I have had the same IP for almost 3 years now (and before that, I had it for 2 years). If you ask for a static IP, they will probably force you to upgrade to a business account. You could always use the no-ip.com service (how-to) or something similar.