Kodicom Software

jeffx said:
Good find R2D2! I'm going to try and scoure the web for a download right now.
...and if you find something please post here or mail/pm me.

Thanks in advance

i do have the latest 5.0, from digital video witness, it is same as kodicom, cost me 450, this thing is that it can be only installed on only one computer, it is serial protected, now you have to call them, it will generate a number then you put the serial and it works but same serial does not work on another computer, i even tried ghost image but no luck,
jeffx said:
what additional features does 5.x have over 4.13?
Hi jeffx,

This is my fist post. Please be gentle <_<

from http://www.avalonsg.com/kodicomsoftware.htm

Kodicom Software Release 5.0

ASG has released the next version of software to work on the Kodicom PC DVR systems. Version 5.0 includes:

* Updated Driver Set
* Updated GUI
* Web DVR Upgrades (Web Browser Interface)
* Unlimited User Names and Passwords
* Point of Sale Interface
o Text Overlay
o Searchable POS Database
* Added Support for Embedded XP operating System (can be purchased from ASG)
* Quick CD Burn (for faster video Backups)
* Change IP Address within the DVR Server Program
* Camera names are viewable in search and backup screens
* Online Help
* Quick Help Manual
* Software Key Protection
* Several PTZ Protocols Added (Pelco P)
* Bug Fixes since Version 4.1.3