KVM over IP


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Can anyone recommend a good (and as cheap as possible) KVM switch which can be accessed remotely? I have at least 5 servers that need to be hooked up, but I do have more servers which could use it too, I am not sure which ones are the best-bang-for-the-buck deals, as I have always been spoiled with Cybex switches ;) Thanks!
KVM is an acronym for Keyboard Video Mouse. Typically a KVM switch is an AB or ABCD type of switch that shares one Keyboard-Video-Mouse with multiple computers to reduce clutter. You press a button on the KVM or use a hot key sequence to change from one computer to the other. I have one monitor on my desk at home, but i can select between 4 computers.

E is asking about IP, which means he wants to use network cables, rather than physical KVM cables, to do the sharing. Monitor cables can get finicky at high resolutions when trying to run long distance.

I am curious about IP KVM also, because it means you could remote control computers in remote areas of your house or office. You can kinda to this now with Remote Desktop or VNC, but those solutions only work once the computer is fully booted and Windows starts. A KVM lets you into the BIOS, etc.
KVM = keyboard, video, mouse switch

It allows you to use one set of keyboard, monitor, mouse for multiple computers instead of having to have a set attached to each one.
Very interesting. I would like to know more about the IP KVM's such as how they work what they look like. I'll do a google search after i am done here but if anyone has some good websites for me to learn more about them please post.
The only IP KVM's I've dealt with were the very high end systems like the ones you mentioned, e (Cyclades cause we had Sun platforms to support). Supposedly the other KVM manufacturers now make IP-connectable KVM's, too, but I've never used one. None are very cheap.

Cheapest one I've seen lately is this StarPort unit at CDW: (search: KVM IP)http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/default.aspx?EDC=506670

16 ports, 1 remote IP user. $1636

They are all over the pricing map, none less than $100 per port, most more like $300/pt. Multi-user IP even more.

Careful, some require client software and/or addtiional hardware to function properly.
It may be possible to build an IP-based K switch for under $100 a node - depending on your requirements. Let me know if you don't care about the V or the M part and we can work out a spec. ;)
Yeah, those cybex ones are nice. I got to play around on one while helping my boss with his print server.

A place you might want to look for some of them are excess inventory departments at college campuses. Sometimes they have some good stuff which they need to get rid of.