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I was looking for feedback if anyone uses either the Brother P-Touch PT-1400/1600/1650 or Rhino Pro 3000/5000 labelers. Both machines look nice. My main question I guess is about the quality of the labels/tapes. Has anyone used both that can compare or any feedback on either?
I have the P-Touch only because it had some color combinations that I needed (such as gold on a black background). I have heard that the Rhino labels are actually easier to work with, especially for lableling wires. If I was doing it over I would probably lean more towards the Rhino.
Thanks. But Brother now has the TZ Flexible ID tapes which are supposedly? as good as the Rhinos. I know the older tapes are not very good for cables. Are you using TZ Flex ID tapes? One thing I like better about the PT is that it supports 1" tape rather than just 3/4".
True; and while I have used the new tape I haven't used it enough to give you any details on it. Also the TZ tapes are available at your local Office Supply store in a pinch. I haven't seen the Rhino tapes in any retail places.
I've used the PC based Brother printers for years and have one in the office that I use for labeling everything but wires.

For wires I use the Rhino Pro 3000... the big benefit with it is the predefined devices and location (it's made for cabling). To print "Bedroom Left Surround Speaker" only requires a few button taps instead of typing it all out! Once you've used it for 10mins, you can create labels for common things VERY quickly.

Do the newer borther models have something like this?

I do know that the older "plastic" tapes from Brother wouldn't stay on cables... not even the "strong adhesive" versions. The newer flexible tapes from Brother may compare with the Rhino tapes that work very well but I haven't tried them.

The Rhino unit can print on heat shrink tubing which I don't think the brother can do?

We use the Rhino Pro 3000 & 5000. Both work very nice for cable, jacks and patch panels. Simple to use and have alot of Audio/Video, Voice/Data, Security & Panel Symbols. Only thing is you have to have extra tape cassettes on hand as they are not available retail in our area. Have to order, can have next day.