LampLinc Lamp Mod with CF?


I'm thinking of picking up a few of the LampLinc lamp modules, but I wanted to know if anyone has tried them with CF bulbs?

I know the appliance modules will work, but I would like to be able to move the modules around and some lamps have CF, some don't. Plus, I'll probably convert the CF lamps to I in the future, but I would still like to use the CFs for now.
It has always been my understanding that CFLs should not be used with any type of dimmer unless they are explicitly designed for such an application. Currently, most are not. If a CFL is dimmer compatible, this attribute will most likely be prominently displayed on the packaging. All of the CFLs in my house (all told, probably a dozen and a half) specifically state on their ballast-base that they are not be used with dimmers.