LampLinc LED flashing rapidly


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I found one of my LampLinc modules, model 2000sls, would not respond and the LED was flashing rapidly.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

The module is over 2 years old.

One oddity, the module is programmed with scenes and was ordered for that purpose. however the model number on the back is 2000SHL with the "L" penned in. This would mean it was NOT scene compatable!

I've had 3 scenes programmed into the module since I first got it with no problems.
Paul, I would suspect that what you have is one of the first ones off of the line when they came out.

First thing I would try is a factory reset on the device.

1) Unplug the device for about 10 seconds.

2) While holding down the set button, plug it back in

3) Continue to hold the button for an additional 3-4 seconds

4) Release the button. The green status light should remain on

5) After about 30 seconds, the load should turn on and the module should be re-set to A1
Hi Martin,

Nope, I tried that. the LED still flashes.

BTW I ordered a replacement and a spare, from you of course, so I'm limping along on a standard X-10 lamp module, You just don't know how nice scenes are until you loose one (or part of one really).