Last post about TR-16.


Please help me. I called and told them about my bad experience with tr-16. they asked me to send it back and exchange for a new thermostat.
please help me find something that will suite my needs.
all i want is to control the thermostat via elk. tr-16 should be doing that but for some reason it has something stored in memory, which i cant clear unless i get a converter to connect to my pc.

what i was able to do to make wife happy is to come up with this rule:
every 60 seconds and when mode is away set temp to be 43 F
that is a hack. the tr-16 should be able to hold a setpoint, but for some reason it does not.

anyway, please advise me of a model i should get?
I have the tr-16, and I control it with the Elk with none of the problems that you are experiencing ( the Elk changes the setpoints based on arming/disarming the alarm in "Away" mode.)

Do you still have the problems with the setpoints changing if you disconnect the ELk from the TR-16 altogether? In other words, do the setpoints hold if you set them manually? If the problem is some memory settings or schedule, then whether the elk is in the equation shouldn't matter.

I personally am very happy with my tr-16.
I'm using a HAI-80B I think it was and it worked great with the elk (a few posts you should see on how to get the rules right, but other than that it worked well).

They are also the cheaper ones that interface with the elk (versus the other brands). They look good though, and work with the Elk. Note they need a 24v relay (to tie in with the common?) which made it a little more complicated to install. Someone helped me with that part so I don't remember that part as it has been awhile.
3DogKnight ,
thank you for your reply. I still have problems! I have disconnected elk from tr-16 and the tr-16 goes on and off. the setpoint is all messed up in the tr-16. apparently the is no way to reset the devise.
what i am trying to do is to connect the tr-16 to my pc using m1 gold serial expander. do you know if this is even possible?